Saturday, June 4, 2011

Is it hot in here???

So this morning I wake up.  Early.  Like 4:30am early, since one of my dogs had 'to go'.  I don't need two footed kids, I have four footed ones. :)

I walk outside and 'WHACK' -- who turned on the humidifier OUTSIDE?  I mean felt like it was 174 percent humidity at 4:30am!  I walk back in the house and my feet are sticking to the pergo floor.  Ick.

Yesterday it was 72 cool degrees.  Today, I'm in Havana, with no need for a passport.

Summer and I have a complicated relationship.  My favorite seasons are the in-between seasons - Spring and Fall.  Summer is fine as long as I'm on the beach with my feet in the water in my beach chair with a cool breeze. I have found that after many years of sunning myself, I think my thermal receptors reject the whole idea of staying out in the sun.  I hope that it will add up to less wrinkles.

I will be posting about my painting party of one that I had this past weekend.  Love spray paint - just love the transformation it creates.

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